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Concrete Conveying Pump

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The Products Can Be Customized To Meet The Needs Of Different Countries And Customers.

Remote Control Portable Electric or Diesel Concrete Conveying Pump For Sale

Concrete Pump Is Composed Of Pump And Conveying Pipe. Working Principle Is To Make Use Of Pressure To Convey Premixed Concrete Through A Pipe. It Is Widely Applied In High Rises, Bridges, Tunnels And Other Civil Construction Etc.

We Will Design And Modify The The Details Of The Machine According To Our Development, About Detail Parameter Pls Ask Us To Confirm, And If Not Asked, We Will Arrange According To The New Model Size, Thank You !

Product Details Description

  1. Hydraulic system is designed with Taiwan hydraulic company. It is featured with energy-saving and high efficiency.Main pump adopts double oil pipe interlock oil supply, which can ensure (kawasaki) pump powerful. It has independent intellectual property rights and is well received by users in the southeast Asian market.
  2. Use S-valve to switch the direction,for fine stone concrete conveying.
  3. High -quality wear resistant alloy components for long service-life ;good sealing S-valve,in- stalle with floating wear resistant ring.
  4. High delivery pressure for demand of high-rise and long distance projects.
  5. Air cooling system, without dependence of external water supply.
  6. With re-pumping function to smooth construction of better accessibility.
  7. Automatic lubrication system for long service-life.
  8. PLC system to ensure best electrical control performance.
  9. Equipped with wired remote controller, easy to operate.


Product Main Parameter

Maximum transport capacity 40m3/h
Maximum delivery pressure 9.8Mpa
Vertical transport height 100m
Horizontal transport distance 350mm
Concrete collapse 160-200mm
Maximum aggregate particle 10-30<35mm
Pipe diameter 125mm
Bucket capacity 0.5m3
Feeding height 1400mm
Concrete cylinder diameter 180*1000mm
Hydraulic system rated pressure 32Mpa
Motor(diesel/electric) 60kw-diesel 45kw/55kw-electric
Work voltage 380V
Hydraulic tank volume 300L
Dimension(length*width*height) 4500*2000*1500mm
Weight 400kg
Distribution valve form S Valve



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Transport Packaging

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  1. Factory
    We Are Factory Concrete Pump Manufacturer.
  2. Warranty
    Our Concrete Pump Have A Ten Years Quality Warranty.
  3. Markets
    We Had Sold Our Concrete Pump To Usa, Canada, Brizal, German, Spain, France, Italy, Dubai, Malaysia, India, Australia Etc..
  4. Packing
    Full Container Loading, Lcl Shipping, We’d Pack The Concrete Pump With Wooden Packing.
  5. Lead Time
    For Stocked Concrete Pump We Could Ship The Concrete Pump Within 7 Days After Payment, For Customized Concrete Pump, We Need Some More Days To Customized Them And Shipping Within 10 Days.

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