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Dozer Machinery SD32 Bulldozer

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The Products Can Be Customized To Meet The Needs Of Different Countries And Customers.

Crawler Bulldozer SD32 Earth Moving Machine For Sale

D32 Series Bulldozer Adopts Shantui’s Patented Technologies, Including Central Lubrication, Central Pressure Measurement, And Automatic Track Tensioning Technologies, And Won The Sole National Golden Quality Award In China’s Bulldozer Industry. With Multiple Working Devices And Cabs, This Product Can Meet The Operation Demands For Diversified Working Conditions And Is An Ideal High-efficiency Machine For Earth-moving Operations And Bulk Material Handling.

We Will Design And Modify The The Details Of The Machine According To Our Development, About Detail Parameter Pls Ask Us To Confirm, And If Not Asked, We Will Arrange According To The New Model Size, Thank You !

Product Details Description

  • Chongfa NTAA855-C360S10 engine is equipped with exhaust gas turbocharger, featuring strong power and high efficiency and energy-saving, and can work normally even in the highlands as high as 3,600m. Depending on the customers’ demands, the option Cummins and Weichai engines are available.
  • The high reliability power shift transmission, the stable hydraulic torque converter, and two-stage spur gear final drive feature high power transmission capacity and efficiency and high productivity.
  • The independent engine water tank, the chassis oil cooler, and the water-air intercooler integrated in the Chongfa engine provide prominent cooling performance and simple maintenance operations to guarantee the continuous working of the machine.
  • The full box-type main frame with application of high performance materials and high strength castings features high carrying capacity against impact load and bending moment to support the continuous high-strength working of machine under severe working condition and the high quality welds guarantee the life cycle of the main frame.
  • The low-drive final drive can provide powerful drive force and efficient gradeability. Shantui’s crawler chassis has reached the international advanced level in process level and can adapt to various complicated working conditions, featuring high reliability and carrying capacity.
  • The standard straight tilting blade features powerful cutting force and the single-shank and three-shank rippers of adjustable penetrating angle can be used for the ripping of clay and frozen earth as well as the stripping of hard working faces, such as gravel and hardened salt mine.



Product Main Parameter

Engine Model & type Cummins NTA855-C360S10; In-line, water-cooled; 4-cycle,
overhead valve direct injection, turbocharged diesel
Rated revolution 2000 rpm
Horsepower Gross power: 257/345/2000 kW/HP/rpm //
Net power: 235/320/2000 kW/HP/rpm
Number of cylinders 6—139.7 x 152.4 (mm x stroke)
Piston displacement 14010 ml
Min. fuel consumption 245 g/kW·h
Maximum torque 1440 N·m@1400rpm
Torque converter 3-element, 1 stage, 1 phase
Transmission Planetary gear, multi-disc clutch, power shift,
forced lubrication
Main drive Spiral bevel gear, splash lubrication,
single-stage speed reduction
Steering clutch Wet, multi-disc, spring loaded,
hydraulically separated, hydraulic control
Steering brake Wet, floating band, foot brake with hydraulic booster
Final drive 2-stage speed reduction of spur gear, splash lubrication
Travel speed Gear 1st 2nd 3rd
Forward 0~3.6 km/h 0~6.6 km/h 0~11.5 km/h
Reverse 0~4.4 km/h 0~7.8 km/h 0~13.5 km/h
Type Swing type of sprayed beam, suspended structure of equalizer bar
Carrier rollers 2 each side
Track rollers 7 each side (single flange 5, double flange 2)
Track type 41 each side
Width of track shoes 560 mm
Pitch 228.6 mm
Maximum pressure 14 MPa
Pump type Gear pump
(at revolution of 2000 rpm)
355 (1795 rpm) L/min
Bore of working cylinder ×
no. (double-acting type)
140 mm × 2
Blade Blade Type Straight-tilt Angle Semi-U blade
Dozing capacity 10 m 3 6 m 3 11.9 m 3
(Theoretical value 40 m)
580 m 3 /h 350 m 3 /h 690 m 3 /h
Blade width 4130 mm 5000 mm 4130 mm
Blade height 1590 mm 1140 mm 1710 mm
Maximum drop below ground 560 mm 630 mm 560 mm
Maximum tilt adjustment 1000 mm 500 mm 1000 mm
Weight of blade 4520 kg 4932 kg 4924 kg
Maximum digging
depth of 3-shank ripper
842 mm
Maximum lift above ground 883 mm
Weight of 3-shank ripper 3802 kg
Maximum digging
depth of single ripper
1250 mm
Maximum lift above ground 965 mm
Weight of single ripper 3252 kg



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  1. Factory
    We Are Factory Bulldozer Manufacturer.
  2. Warranty
    Our Bulldozer Have A Ten Years Quality Warranty.
  3. Markets
    We Had Sold Our Bulldozer To Usa, Canada, Brizal, German, Spain, France, Italy, Dubai, Malaysia, India, Australia Etc..
  4. Packing
    Full Container Loading, Lcl Shipping, We’d Pack The Bulldozer With Wooden Packing.
  5. Lead Time
    For Stocked Bulldozer We Could Ship The Bulldozer Within 7 Days After Payment, For Customized Bulldozer, We Need Some More Days To Customized Them And Shipping Within 10 Days

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