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Concrete Cement Grouting Pump

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The Products Can Be Customized To Meet The Needs Of Different Countries And Customers.

Electric Automatic Mortar Concrete Grouting Pump For Sale

This mortar pump can transport various media such as cement slurry, yellow mud, water glass, oil, water etc.

We Will Design And Modify The The Details Of The Machine According To Our Development, About Detail Parameter Pls Ask Us To Confirm, And If Not Asked, We Will Arrange According To The New Model Size, Thank You !

Product Details Description

  1. The V-belt and a pair of gears transmit the motor’s rotary motion to the crankshaft. The connecting rod and crosshead allow the piston to reciprocate. The gearbox is closed, and splashes are used to lubricate the moving parts.
  2. The mortar is sent to the air by the suction valve through the pump cylinder pressure, and the bleeder valve and pressure safety device are installed on the air chamber.
  3. The piston pump adopts the electrical automatic control safety device.
  4. When the air chamber pressure exceeds the rated working pressure, the main circuit main circuit is cut off through the control circuit to automatically stop the motor.



Product Main Parameter

Model HJB-3 HJB-6
Engine Electric 380V three-phase 50Hz
Power 3 kw 4 kw
Conveying Ability 3 m³/h 6 m³/h
Working Pressure 1.5 Mpa 3 Mpa
Type Single Cylinder Double Cylinder
Motor Speed 1440 r/min 1440 r/min
Conveying Distance Level:50 m, Vertical:20 m Level:60 m, Vertical:30 m
Outlet Pipe Φ51 mm Φ51 mm
Inlet Pipe Φ32/38 mm Φ32/38 mm
Dimensions 1250×500×850 mm 1250×500×850 mm
Weight 250 kg 320 kg



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  1. Factory
    We Are Factory Concrete Pump Manufacturer.
  2. Warranty
    Our Concrete Pump Have A Ten Years Quality Warranty.
  3. Markets
    We Had Sold Our Concrete Pump To Usa, Canada, Brizal, German, Spain, France, Italy, Dubai, Malaysia, India, Australia Etc..
  4. Packing
    Full Container Loading, Lcl Shipping, We’d Pack The Concrete Pump With Wooden Packing.
  5. Lead Time
    For Stocked Concrete Pump We Could Ship The Concrete Pump Within 7 Days After Payment, For Customized Concrete Pump, We Need Some More Days To Customized Them And Shipping Within 10 Days.

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