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CNC 03B/05B Hand Crawler Dumper 0.3Ton/0.5Ton

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The Products Can Be Customized To Meet The Needs Of Different Countries And Customers.

CNC 03B/05B Hand Crawler Dumper 0.3Ton/0.5Ton For Sale

Mini Track Dumper Mini Crawler Dumper For Sale Can Adapt To Complex Road Conditions Such As Paddy Fields, Marshes, Muddy Field Roads, Rugged Mountain Roads, Soft Grasslands And Deserts, Slippery Ice Surfaces And Snow, Transporting Freight Yards In Agricultural And Forestry Orchards, Water Conservancy Construction, Infrastructure Projects, Mine Sites And Other Places Are Widely Used.

We Will Design And Modify The The Details Of The Machine According To Our Development, About Detail Parameter Pls Ask Us To Confirm, And If Not Asked, We Will Arrange According To The New Model Size, Thank You !

Product Details Description

  1. Use Manual Struts To Dump, Compact Structure And Good Stability;
  2. Chassis Absorb Advanced Technology For Transformation And Upgrade;
  3. Crawler Walking, Small Turning Radius, And In The Crawler The Addition Of Steel Wires And Steel Sheets Increases The Service Life And Wear Resistance Of The Track;
  4. The Size Of The Carriage Can Be Changed Freely, Which Is Convenient For Transporting Large Items.


Product Main Parameter

Model CNC-03B CNC-05B
Engine 6.5HP, Gasoline 6.5HP, Gasoline
Net Weight 180kg 251kg
Transmission 3 Forward + 1 Reverse 3 Forward + 1 Reverse
Brake Parking Mechanical Mechanical
Box Length 952-1092mm Adjustable 1100-1240mm Adjustable
Box Width 640-920mm Adjustable 700-840mm Adjustable
Box Depth 210mm 330mm
Measurement 1600x660x965mm 1740x720x960mm
Engine Loncin or Zongshen
Start Mode Manual or Electric
Rated Power 4.1 kw/3600rpm
Max. Torque 12.4N.m/2500rpm
Bore Stroke 68x54mm
Displacement 196cc 196cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.6L 3.6L
Oli Capacity 0.6L 0.6L
Standard Track Length 34x60mm 38x60mm
Standard Track Width 180mm 180mm
Outer Distance From The Track






Max Loading Capacity 300kgs




Noise <=70db(A) <=70db(A)
Climbing Ability Of Up To 30 Degree

Incltnes Tipping System

Manual Manual
Gross Weight 210kg 271kg
Packing Measurement 1130x765x785mm 1390x800x835mm
20GP 42pcs 22pcs
40GP 90pcs 44pcs



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Transport Packaging

Crawler Dumper Transport Packaging Crawler Dumper Transport Packaging Transport Packaging




  1. Factory
    We Are Factory Crawler Dumper Manufacturer.
  2. Warranty
    Our Crawler Dumper Have A Ten Years Quality Warranty.
  3. Markets
    We Had Sold Our Crawler Dumper To Usa, Canada, Brizal, German, Spain, France, Italy, Dubai, Malaysia, India, Australia Etc..
  4. Packing
    Full Container Loading, Lcl Shipping, We’d Pack The Crawler Dumper With Wooden Packing.
  5. Lead Time
    For Stocked Crawler Dumper, We Could Ship The Crawler Dumper Within 7 Days After Payment, For Customized Crawler Dumper, We Need Some More Days To Customized Them And Shipping Within 10 Days.

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