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Water Mist Sprayer CN-M06 Fog Cannon 60m

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The Products Can Be Customized To Meet The Needs Of Different Countries And Customers.

Water Mist Sprayer CN-M06 Fog Cannon 60m For Sale

Spray Equipment Is Used To Disinfection And Fall Dust In The Air.
Open Spaces: Such As Coal Fields, Mines, Cement Plants, Garbage Dumps, Construction Sites;
Industry: Such As Steel Industry, Chemical Industry, Cement Plant, Thermal Power Plant;
City Construction: City Greening, City Cleaning,community Purification, And So On.
Highly Efficient Dust Suppression, Purification Of The Environment.

We Will Design And Modify The The Details Of The Machine According To Our Development, About Detail Parameter Pls Ask Us To Confirm, And If Not Asked, We Will Arrange According To The New Model Size, Thank You !

Product Details Description

  1. Fog particle is smaller but concentrated.
  2. Wind is stronger while noise is lower.
  3. Touching panel control/remote control
  4. Self reset automactically,drain automatically.
  5. Stainless steel material, more exquisite appearance.
  6. The water pump is a stainless steel multi-pole centrifugal pump produced by Nanfang Pump Industry, the best water pump in China.
  7. Using American thumb brand nozzles, better atomization effect.
  8. All electrical components are Schneider brand, and the performance is more stable.



Product Main Parameter

Model CN-M06
Spray range 60m
Total power 27.5kw
Water consumption 8500L/h
L*W*H 1900*1125*2365mm
Weight 1200kg
Control Method PLC
IP Grade IP55
Noise Level 80dB at 7.5m
Turning degree Left:180/Right:180
Pitching degree Up:55/Down:-10
Diameter of water mist particle 20-150µm
Fan power 18.5kw
Water pump power 7.5kw
Water pump pressure 1.5-2.0Mpa
Usage temperature(℃) 0-50
Power supply AC/3-phase/380V/50HZ
Nozzles quantity 78pcs



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Transport Packaging

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  1. Factory
    We Are Factory Fog Cannon Manufacturer.
  2. Warranty
    Our Fog Cannon Have A Ten Years Quality Warranty.
  3. Markets
    We Had Sold Our Fog Cannon To Usa, Canada, Brizal, German, Spain, France, Italy, Dubai, Malaysia, India, Australia Etc..
  4. Packing
    Full Container Loading, Lcl Shipping, We’d Pack The Fog Cannon With Wooden Packing.
  5. Lead Time
    For Stocked Fog Cannon, We Could Ship The Fog Cannon Within 7 Days After Payment, For Customized Fog Cannon, We Need Some More Days To Customized Them And Shipping Within 10 Days.

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